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INDY Fund Services:

The Independence Fund is always working to bring our severely injured Veterans the solutions that will best fit them. We have come accross many differnt products, services and programs that can reinstill ability, independence and hope in the lives of those who have lost it. Since the INDY Fund's inception, we have provided over 5 Million Dollars in mobility devices to the deserving Veterans. Below are just some of the different items we have provided.

iBot Electric Wheelchair
Action Track Chair
Zoom Chair
Wallis Independence Ride
The Independence Fund has a 100% volunteer staff and a Board of Directors comprised entirely of combat Veterans. Our organization's administrative costs in 2013 were less than 1%, meaning more than 99% of every dollar we received went directly to a Veteran -
thanks to amazing people and communities like YOU!
The LT. Dan Weekend
Veteran Outreach 
Therapy through ART
Free-Wheel Attachment
Freedom 6x6 Chair
Beach Wheel Chair