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All Terrain Wheelchairs:

This is how we got involved


In September, 2012 at the Lt Dan Weekend, the Forgotten Sons Motorcycle Club had just handed me a check for $12,000.  Interestingly, Sgt John Peck, (pictured on the left) who was attending the event with his mom, had just finished telling me about this really neat all-terrain chair that he'd like to have on the new piece of property that he was moving into in Fredericksburg, VA. "It will really give me the Independence to get around outside the home," he said.

"How much does the chair cost," I asked.

"$12,000 on up," he responded.

Some things seem to coincide for a reason, so it was easy to tell the Forgotten Sons Motorcycle Club that we knew just the place where the $13,000 they raised could be used to have the most significant impact on a Veteran's independence, and John, along with SGT Adam Keyes, received their chairs at the 2012 Walter Reed Christmas party. Since then, thanks to the support that Bill O'Reilly has steered towards our mission, we have provided more than 500 more all-terrain wheelchairs to severely injured Veterans with service-connected injuries.

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The Independence Fund has a 100% volunteer staff and a Board of Directors comprised entirely of combat Veterans. Our organization's administrative costs in 2013 were less than 1%, meaning more than 99% of every dollar we received went directly to a Veteran -
thanks to amazing people and communities like YOU!