Who We are



Founded in 2007, The Independence Fund is committed to empowering our nation’s catastrophically wounded, injured, or ill Veterans to overcome physical, mental, and emotional wounds incurred in the line of duty. We are dedicated to improving the lives of both our Veterans and their families. Through our Mobility, Caregiver, Adaptive Sports, Advocacy, and Family programs, The Independence Fund strives to bridge the gap of unmet needs for Veterans and their caregivers.

What we do


Many severely wounded Veterans have lost the ability to experience activities they previously enjoyed. Veterans who use our all-terrain mobility devices regain the ability to do the things they love, transforming their lives toward a better future.

Adaptive Sports

By inviting Veterans to participate in sporting events, providing funding for adaptive equipment, and granting funds for Veteran adaptive sports organizations, our Adaptive Sports Program gives Veterans the opportunity to improve their well-being.


The Independence Fund serves the heroes behind the heroes: the Caregivers who work tirelessly to support wounded Veterans day-in and day-out. We give Caregivers the means to build strong networks and receive the support they need.


For Veterans returning with the scars of war, the fight doesn’t end upon their arrival home. Unfortunately, some of the biggest battles are with the very institutions who are supposed to be on their side. We are fighting for those who fought for us!

Heroes at Home

Our Family Program, called Heroes at Home, provides assistance to the families of catastrophically wounded, ill, and injured Veterans, through great experiences and a much deserved break from the typically 24/7 lasting effects of war.


Together, The Independence Fund and the VA are combating Veteran suicide and reuniting these Veterans with independence. The goal is to ensure the unit that experiences the battle together, experiences healing together.

Our Board

Sarah Verardo

CEO, Board Member


Mike Lenhart

Board Member, Army Veteran


Sean Spicer

Board Member, CDR USNR

Art Pue

Arthur Pue

Board Chairman, Army Veteran


David Henninger

Board Member


Rich Gross

Board Member, BG USA (Ret)

Our Partners

The Independence Fund prides itself on working with great organizations, and great people, to help accomplish our goals in creating new lives for wounded Veterans and their Caregivers. We are very thankful for all of the assistance provided by all of our partners and sponsors over the last decade, and looking forward to continued collaboration!

Read more about us! Download our brochure here: VA 2020 Independence Fund Program Flyer.
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