COVID-19 Military Community Updates
Posted on 3/27/2020

In a recent interview with Reuters, Defense Secretary Mark Esper reported a 30 percent increase in COVID-19 cases in the military, but said he would start providing “aggregated numbers” to prevent compromising ongoing/future missions. “I’m not going to get into a habit where we start providing numbers across all the commands and we come to a point six, seven weeks from now where we have some concerns in some locations and reveal information that could put people at risk,” said Esper.

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen M. Lord detailed collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to manufacture ventilators and N95 masks, Military Times reports.

The Pentagon released a memo outlining pay changes for service members affected by coronavirus quarantine. The DOD is instituting a new pay called “Hardship Duty Pay – Restriction of Movement,” which compensates military members ordered to self-monitor in isolation. The fact sheet also outlines guidance for telework, basic allowance changes, and family separation allowance as well.

Over 11,400 National Guard members have been deployed in throughout United States and three territories. Military Times provides a comprehensive overview of mobilization efforts here.

Photo by Lisa Ferdinando, DOD

Post courtesy of Association of Defense Communities

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