How One School System Moved Online and Where It’s Going Next
Posted on July 31, 2020

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the Silver Valley United School District had experience dealing with a certain kind of distance learning: The system’s only high school is 35 miles from Fort Irwin, Calif., where the parents of most of its 400 students are stationed.

“With Edmentum, we were already exploring a virtual high school independent study program,” Superintendent Jesse Najera told CMSI. “COVID-19 made that even more necessary, and we looked at ways to incorporate K-12 into the model.”

The system’s other schools are on base.

The head start helped the district react quickly when it was clear students would need to work from home.

“Within one and a half weeks, we had surveyed parents and figured out the needs for laptops and internet connectivity,” Najera said. “We gathered every laptop we could find, and we were able to give a laptop and internet to every family who needed them.”

The school’s nutrition team distributed meals to anyone under 18 who needed them. They served more than 100,000 meals between March and June.

Local leaders also credited close partnerships for their successful transition.

Read the full story reported by the COVID-19 Military Support Initiative. 

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