Navy Shifts to Recruiting via Social Media

Posted on Apr 27, 2020 06:57 pm

Navy recruiters have adjusted their strategy for finding future sailors by moving a process that traditionally takes place at high schools and career fairs to a virtual world.

“We’ve switched to virtual meetings, interviews and even training, which says a lot about both the applicants’ and our organization’s adaptability,” Navy Counselor 1st Class Gerald Provost, a recruiter assigned to Navy Talent Acquisition Group Northern Plains, said in a DVIDS story.

Like many Americans, recruiters are working from home and using social media to find prospective sailors.

The other thing that has changed is the reason some potential recruits step forward.

“I’ve noticed that applicants’ reason, or their ‘why’ has changed due to the pandemic,” Provost said. “More people are coming in and finding a call to serve to help others right now as opposed to for the benefits, which I personally think is amazing.”

Photo by Navy Counselor 1st Class Jerica Spell


Post courtesy of the Association of Defense Communities

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