Runs July 15, 2020 to September 9, 2020
A weekly Bingo game held Wednesday Nights from 7-8PM. Invitations to game will be sent to donors to the weekly game via email and include a Zoom link. Everyone will enter the Zoom muted to prevent too much sound from interfering with the emcee.
How to Play
  1. Go to www.independencefund.org/our-programs/bingo and contribute $10 per card. Everyone must pay. You can purchase as many cards as you would like to keep active for the week.
  2. Invitations to the tournament will be sent via email to the registrants. Players will have to follow the Zoom instructions to be admitted to the game. Bingo cards will also be included in your email and you will need to print out your cards for play
  3. Arrive to the Tournament on Wednesdays at 7PM EST
    Suggest arriving early 10 minutes to ensure no technical difficulties.  We will play for one hour and anyone who gets BINGO during the hour will be put into the nightly drawing to win an Amazon Gift Card. Every time BINGO is called the game board will be cleared and a new game will begin. Each Bingo will have to be verified by uploading a photo of your card clearly marked with the correct numbers before the round ends.
  4. Games will be moderated by TIF staff.
    Helpful Tip – Be sure you have coins or something similar to mark your cards for each game that way you can easily clear for each round of BINGO. When you get Bingo you must immediately type BINGO into the chat and then share a picture of your winning card for verification.  We know all the other players will secretly hope you didn’t get BINGO.


We will draw a single Bingo winner every night at the end of the last game approximately 8 p.m. EST. The more games that can be played in the hour, the more winners will be added to the prize pool. At the end of the hour, names from the prize pool will be drawn.A $25 gift card will be issued each week (A minimum of $100 must be collected to issue the prize)

What happens if a corporate sponsor sponsors cards?
An immediate announcement will be made and the number of cards purchased by the sponsor will be held in reserve and invitations will be sent to our veteran applicant base. Seats will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Will a video conference be open for us to join and interact with others?
Yes. Everyone will play from a Zoom room.

If I want to buy at least one card for every bingo drawing, do I have to pay each week?
Yes. Or, you can buy all of your cards up front and $100 gets you 2 cards a week; $250 gets you 5 cards a week; and $500 gets you 10 cards a week. (1 card a week for the entire series would be $90)

Is this the only page that accepts Bingo entries?

If you donate to other events and tournaments, we will not know that you wish to be included in the Bingo Tournament. All players who play each week of the tournament will be entered into a Door Prize Drawing to win an Instant Camera and film.  The drawing will take place in the final week of the series.