Pain Points Poll: Grocery Delivery, Pickup Continue to Be Important Family Needs
Posted on May 28, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought attention to the food insecurity issues facing many military families and veteran families, but those concerns can be even more severe for families who do not feel safe going into grocery stores.

CMSI’s Pain Points Poll – a rolling survey of military families, veteran families and community leaders – continues to show that many households with immunocompromised individuals remain unable to shop for essential items such as food and medicine, because they are afraid of exposure.

“I fit into the high risk of infection category, but due to my spouse’s deployment, I do not have other options,” said one survey respondent, who is a veteran, military spouse and DOD civilian. “I have to get everything myself.”

Roughly one-third of respondents have said grocery delivery or curbside pickup is among the top three services they use or need during the pandemic. Still, one in five military family respondents identifies that as an unmet need in their community.

The Defense Commissary Agency offers  an online ordering and curbside pick-up program  in some communities, called Click2Go. but it is currently only available at Fort Belvoir, Fort Eustis, Naval Air Station Oceana, and Quantico in Virginia, and Fort Eustis in Florida.

“Using Click2Go saves us an immense amount of time and also greatly reduces our exposure risk,” one respondent wrote.

The Pain Points Poll data suggests there will continue to be a need for Click2Go and similar private sector services until a vaccine is widely distributed.

CMSI encourages military families, veteran families and community leaders to continue to take the Pain Points Poll  to help us track what military communities are facing during the pandemic.

Post courtesy of the Association of Defense Communities

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