Rock Island Arsenal Recreates Ventilator Parts that Were No Longer Available

Posted on Apr 24, 2020 06:49 pm

When the Army needed parts for a ventilator model that is no longer produced by the manufacturer, it turned to the Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center at Rock Island Arsenal, Ill.

“The entire nation being in need at the same time really calls for an all-hands-on-deck approach,” said the center’s commander, Col. Martin Hendrix III. “Being that we’re part of the Army Organic Industrial Base, we have the ability to turn on a dime when the Army needs us to do something.”

With no prints, models or technical data to work from, the team had to reverse-engineer the five-part ventilator housing box, test prototypes and tweak the design. Now they are creating them with a 3-D printer, assembling the parts and shipping them to the front lines.

The first order of 55 units is scheduled to ship out within one month of the initial request, an achievement the team’s engineers say makes them proud.

“I’m very fortunate to be over here and to be able to help people that are really in need of these products, literally life-saving products,” said Glynn Roach, an additive manufacturing specialist. “It’s a good feeling to know I’m coming in and helping people stay alive. It’s a good feeling to come in every morning and know that we’re making a difference.”

Army photo by Debralee Best


Post courtesy of the Association of Defense Communities

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