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State of the Union Address
President Donald J. Trump
Tuesday 5 February 2019

THE INDEPENDENCE FUND salutes President Trump for his unwavering commitment to VA
accountability. When America’s finest raise their hand, take the oath, and go into harm’s way for the
cause of freedom, they should be welcomed home by a Department of Veterans Affairs that embodies
an unparalleled commitment to their health and well-being. VA accountability means America’s best on
distant battlefields can expect the VA’s best in local hospitals, centers, and clinics.

Further, THE INDEPENDENCE FUND is reminded by the President’s speech, that more than 52,000 men
and women in the Armed Forces have been seriously wounded since 9/11 in the Global War on
Terrorism. We stand with President Trump and all members of Congress in solidarity, assuring these
heroes that we will continue to meet the unmet needs of wounded Veterans, their Caregivers, and their
families when they come home.

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