Survey of Defense Communities and States Reveal Concerns about DCIP Implementation
Posted on May 21, 2020

An Association of Defense Communities (ADC) survey of nearly 100 communities and states has provided a glimpse into potential participation in the inaugural grant cycle for the Defense Community Infrastructure Program (DCIP).

The tight schedule and specialized match criteria are identified as major obstacles; both factors are likely impacted by state/local focus on COVID-19 challenges.  At the same time, communities and states are showing a high interest in receiving support through technical assistance and learning about best practices of DCIP.

Only 37% of communities and states are very/somewhat certain they will have a project that will meet submission requirements and criteria by the June deadline.  Additionally, 20% are uncertain if they will meet the deadline; with the remainder responding that they will unlikely submit at DCIP project.

43% of respondents are somewhat or very likely to submit projects in this year’s grant program.

Meeting the 50% match requirement is the top concern of states and communities in assessing whether to submit a project this year.  Other top concerns include:

  • Identifying a project that meets DCIP requirements
  • Identifying a project that will be competitive
  • Assessing if the project is construction ready
  • Concerns related to military spouse support requirements
  • Submitting a project that clearly supports military quality of life

Needing additional time to submit an application was the top factor that would help communities and states to participate in the program. Other important factors that could support applicants include opportunities to learn about best practices of DCIP, as well as technical assistance to develop projects.

Please refer to ADC’s Knowledge Online for Defense Communities for information related to DCIP.

Courtesy of the Association of Defense Communities

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