Veteran Service Officers Abroad

In recent issues of the OCONUS Connection, we provided information pertaining to Veteran Service Officers (VSO) representatives located in various countries.  Following those publications, we received notification of additional VSO contacts abroad and prepared an updated list below:

Country Name OMSC E-mail Phone
Germany (VFW) Mark Kistner (DSO)

Attn: Dpt of Eur Service Officer        CMR 28810 Box 336R, APO AE 09624


[email protected]



Europe (VFW) Eddie Guevara (ADSO)

VFW Post 9342 Ansbach, Germany

APO AE 09250

Mailing Address:

CMR 28810 Box 402R

APO AE 09264-8810

[email protected] n/a
Italy (VFW) Ed Furnish (ADSO)

Unit 3140 Box 49, APO AE 09630


[email protected]


Phone: 0160.938.83341

Phone: 011-39-389-16401

Phone: 011-39-049-9402752

Europe (AL) American Legion for Europe:

Francis Phillips (DSO)

David Fredlund (ADSO)

[email protected]


[email protected]

Manilla (VFW) Michael Verville

Mailing address: VFW Department Service Officer c/o Adjutant, Dept of Pacific Areas

ATTN: DSO Post 2485, PSC 517, Box 4946, FPO AP 96517


[email protected]

[email protected]

Phone: 045-321-0084

For appointments:

+63 (045) 321.0084


Thailand (VFW) Al Fitchett & Chris Bischoff, VFW Assistant DSO


[email protected]


Japan Michael Castro [email protected]  
Sabaneta, Colombia n/a [email protected]



Post courtesy of the Veterans Benefits Administration

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