Virginia National Guard ‘Strike Teams’ Boost State Testing

Posted on May 11, 2020 06:27 pm

Airman and Soldiers part of the Virginia National Guard’s (VNG) Richmond-based 34th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-Yield Explosives Enhanced Response Force Package are stepping up to provide rapid testing for the state’s long-term care facilities.

“Strike Teams” have been trained in testing and handling of samples to facilitate large numbers of tests quickly and effectively. Additionally, there is a team on the “back end” for decontamination to ensure the virus isn’t transferred to the next facility, according to a VNG press release.

“There’s a definite need for us,” said Maj. Andrew J. Czaplicki, the deputy commander. “There’s a capacity level we’re trying to get to throughout the state, and there are some localities that need help. We’re here to offer that help and be the good neighbor.”

The Virginia National Guard has collected 5,298 samples across dozens of facilities in the state.

Photo by Cotton Puryear


Post courtesy of the Association of Defense Communities

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