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COVID-19 has halted our regularly programming, but we hope to have a robust schedule of activities soon! Check here regularly to see when we will be hosting events to benefit The Independence Fund.

You may donate by mail to: The Independence Fund, 9013 Perimeter Woods Drive, Suite E, Charlotte, NC 28216.

Anyone who supports The Independence Fund’s mission can donate unused gift cards! Donate your card or learn more here.

You may donate your unused vehicle to change lives for Veterans and their Caregivers. Call Vehicles for Charity at 1-866-628-2277 or visit www.vehiclesforcharity.org and designate The Independence Fund as the beneficiary. The vehicle is picked up within 2-4 business days by the Auto Auction. Once donated, the car is sold and a donation is made to The Independence Fund.

Donor Advised Funds allows you to invest, grow and give assets to The Independence Fund. Your contribution is tax-deductible and can grow tax-free! Learn more here.

See our website at www.independencefund.org to host your event to benefit The Independence Fund.

Support The Independence Fund while doing your Amazon shopping. Just visit https://smile.amazon.com and log into your Amazon account. Select “The Independence Fund as your charity of choice and 0.5% of your purchases benefit us! Or directly visit our Amazon Smile account here.

You may gift shares of stock to The Independence Fund. For wiring instructions, please click here.

Remember to inquire about funds that your company may donate to The Independence Fund to match what you have given. This “Matching Gift” doubles your donation.

See your corporate human resource officer and ask how you can make a payday donation to The Independence Fund (these funds often come out of your paycheck pre-tax – which provides you with a great tax benefit).

MilSaver.com is a shopping site featuring over 500 stores, including the best-known names in retail.  Plus over 30,000 coupons and deals to help you save money. The site is FREE to use, open to the EVERYONE. The Independence Fund gets 90% of the profits generated when you buy something through the link.  Shop now, shop often and tell your friends to shop too! Thank you!

See the Impact Your Donations Are Making

Andrew Bottrell - Independence Fund Testimonial

Andrew Bottrell

I am hugely grateful to the independence fund for all the support they have given me so that I can get out and hunt. It is incredibly beneficial activity to my mind and body. As a triple amputee it is no small feat to accomplish but thanks to them I have the gear I need to get it done.

Melissa Riley - Independence Fund Testimonial

Melissa Riley

Before my husband’s injuries, I was a full-time cosmetologist. After his injuries, I was forced to stay home and take care of him as well as our three children. If I said I never got overwhelmed that would be a lie! The Independence Fund caregiver retreat in Charlotte North Carolina helped me to connect with other women that knew what it was like having to take care of their husbands and their children all at once. I was able to regain myself, find respite, and relaxation. I could never say enough about this organization and how they help me.

Lindsey Benton - Independence Fund Testimonial

Lindsey Benton

The Independence Fund is an amazing organization! I’m so thankful to have had a recent opportunity to go on a mother-daughter retreat with my three daughters. The Independence Fund treated each one of us with understanding, appreciation, and acceptance. We had fun, laughed, cried, learned new coping methods, and no detail was missed. Never will we forget our new friends nor time shared in Charlotte! I am a better mother, caregiver, and wife because of the time spent at The Independence Fund’s Caregiver Retreat!