Are you looking for ways to help manage PTSD symptoms? The PTSD Coach app may be able to help.

The PTSD Coach app is a digital resource provided by the National Center for PTSD aimed at helping veterans learn more about and manage their symptoms of PTSD from anywhere. Through the PTSD Coach app you are able to use the built-in coping tools when you feel upset or stressed as well as create your own support network. You can also track your progress to see if symptoms are improving over time.

Recently, the app has been upgraded to include new features allowing you to have a customized and personal experience. You’re now able to make your own music playlists and upload your own photos. Download the app to get started today.

Download PTSD Coach

This app is also available in Spanish. You can personalize the app through your profile and choose your preferred language.

Post courtesy of the VA’s National Center for PTSD

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