What You Need To Know | President Trump is Promoting Emotional Wellbeing for Veterans During the Coronavirus Outbreak


The Trump Administration is beginning a new public awareness campaign to promote emotional wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic, especially for our nation’s veterans.

  • The new campaign is part of the President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End Veteran Suicide (PREVENTS) initiative, which began in 2019.
  • This campaign will inform Americans about steps they can take to promote emotional wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • The campaign will also promote resources like the Suicide Prevention Life Line that can provide help for Americans in need.
  • More than ever, we must pay attention to the emotional wellbeing of ourselves and those around us.

President Trump is continuing to promote the welfare of our nation’s veterans during this public health emergency.

  • President Trump has signed legislation to provide continuity in educational benefits for veterans and their families who attend schools that have had to switch to online learning.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs has taken swift action to secure VA hospitals across the country and set up emergency operation centers.
  • The Administration began limiting access to VA facilities in order prevent exposure for patients and healthcare workers.
  • The VA has reduced elective surgeries to alleviate the burden on VA facilities and ensure that resources are available to address any potential coronavirus cases.


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