Work-Study Vets Will Continue to Get Wages, Living Allowances

Posted on May 01, 2020 06:37 pm

A new law will protect veterans who use certain educational benefits but can’t continue in the Work Study program during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Military.com.

The Work Study program places veterans in part-time, minimum-wage jobs at VA sites, DOD facilities or state veterans agencies. Their wages are paid by the VA. Many are unable to continue in the jobs because of workplace shutdowns.

The new law, signed Tuesday after easily passing Congress, ensures those students will continue to get paid through the entire term of their employment contract. It is retroactive to March 1 and covers their wages through Dec. 21.

Those who were attending school using the GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation programs but whose classes have been canceled or suspended will continue receiving their monthly housing allowance or subsistence allowance.

“After talking to VA work-study students who were worried about being able to pay their bills and others who had to choose between working to feed their families or staying home to protect their families from unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus, we are thankful,” said Tanya Ang, vice president of Veterans Education Success, Military Timesreported.

Army Photo by Staff Sgt. Mary Junell


Post courtesy of the Association of Defense Communities

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