Combating Veteran Suicide

Perhaps you’ve heard the statistics that 22 Veterans die from suicide each day. Perhaps you’ve heard the story of someone who has been personally affected. Perhaps you are the one being affected right now.

Veteran suicide is a problem that we all need to address.

When Veterans return to civilian life, regardless whether their time in the military was traumatic, there is a part of their life, of their training, of their entire being that changes forever. The loss of brotherhood.

In the military, Veterans build bonds unlike anywhere else in the world. A bond so strong, one is willing to die for another, to leave no man left behind, to willingly suffer in agony together to complete the mission.

Civilian life doesn’t have that brotherhood. And when that brotherhood is no longer present, Veterans can feel lost, empty or in the worst cases depressed.

We at The Independence Fund believe life is worth living and for the Veterans, the families, and the Caregivers, we believe help is worth seeking.

For this entire month, we will focus on the positive outcomes of building brotherhood, to seeking therapy, and actively working towards ending Veteran suicide.

We will be covering programs to help combat Veteran suicide including our own program, Operation Resiliency (OpRES) that reunites military units to reinvigorate everyone’s love of life and for another.

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Founded in 2007, The Independence Fund is committed to empowering our nation’s severely wounded, injured, or ill Veterans to overcome physical, mental, and emotional wounds incurred in the line of duty. We are dedicated to improving the lives of both our Veterans and their families. Through our Mobility, Caregiver, [email protected], Operation RESILIENCY, Advocacy, and Family programs, The Independence Fund strives to bridge the gap of unmet needs for Veterans and their Caregivers.

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Family Program

Assisting the entire Family is the only path towards full independence.

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Mobility Program

Many severely wounded Veterans have lost the ability to experience activities they previously enjoyed.

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Caregiver Program

The Independence Fund serves the heroes behind the heroes. Caregivers.

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Advocacy Program

For Veterans returning with the scars of war, the fight doesn’t end upon their arrival home.

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The Independence Fund prides itself on working with great organizations, and great people, to help accomplish our goals in creating new lives for wounded Veterans and their Caregivers. We are very thankful for all of the assistance provided by all of our partners and sponsors over the last decade, and looking forward to continued collaboration!