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Encourage your wedding guests, employees or family members to donate to the Independence Fund in place of buying gifts or sending flowers. Create your donation page and help our nation's wounded veterans regain their independence.

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If you were injured in the line of duty and would like to request the assistance of the INDY FUND, please fill out an application and we will contact you as soon as we can!


The INDY Fund is simply a vessel which brings the love and support of countless Americans directly to our HEROES who need it most. One way or another, we will make sure it reaches the Veterans!

Changing of the Guard:
Independence Fund Announces New Leadership

June 30, 2015— Today the leading national veterans nonprofit organization, The Independence Fund announced changes in its leadership structure. Board Member, Jesse Acosta has been appointed Chairman of the Board and Tommy Rieman has been appointed as Executive Director. Both men are decorated combat veterans and will work to continue the great growth and success of The Independence Fund.

“The Independence Fund has grown tremendously over the past several years—we are deeply grateful to the wellspring of service and leadership that continues to propel us forward,” said incoming Chairman, Jesse Acosta. “Today we again tap into that wellspring, so that we can continue to grow and fulfill our mission: to serve our wounded service members and their families everyday.”

The Independence Fund was founded by Steve “Luker” Danyluk with the mission to provide our nation’s wounded veterans, their families and caregivers with services and resources that they were not otherwise receiving. Steve ran the organization from the cockpit of his airplane and from his suitcase and blackberry from locations around the world. Danyluk will continue to serve the Fund as a Board member and will play a key role in moving the organization forward.

“The Independence Fund”s first act of service was to provide a wounded veteran with a track chair so that a he could continue to work and live a better life,” added Acosta. “The Fund recently presented its’ 1000th track chair and we are forever grateful for Luker and his incredible work and are very energized about the next generation of leadership that has stepped forward to lead us.”

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Interested in Fundraising or Community Outreach?
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